About Us

Our philosophy and vision.


Founded in 1990 in Skopje, Macedonia, the HEST factory produces decorative and industrial paints and varnishes with a focus on quality, safety and efficiency..

Today, our factory is split into two industrial sections:

  • The powdered materials plant (glues, plasters) and a liquid coating plant (decorative and industrial coatings).
  • Aside from wholesale, HEST operates its own store where customers may purchase smaller amounts, if desired.

The continued learning and investing in our team have translated into excellent results, quality products and a deep understanding and close relationship with our clients.

We are growing in the industrial and decorative paint and varnish market thanks to our products’ inimitable coating properties, precisely formulated by our dedicated, expert staff.

By providing efficient, sustainable solutions, we are secure in knowing that we offer the best not only to our customers, but to their future generations as well.

We are long-standing partners of the prestigious boat varnish brand HEMPEL, having cooperated to a high satisfaction in the past years.

Our mission is to establish, maintain and promote new partnerships with both domestic and foreign clients, and to conquer new markets by continually improving our production process.

We are wholeheartedly dedicated to our work, and it shows in each one of our projects’ success